Community Link, Inc.:

A Labor of Love

After having worked as a direct service provider for a local agency which served persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Mental Health (MH) concerns, having explored Case Management services as an employee of our local Community Centered Board, and having worked as a High School Guidance counselor, all the while being a military spouse, Tonia understood the value of being connected and laying roots in one’s community.  

She envisioned fully inclusive communities that embrace and honor the diversity of its members. With that dream in mind, she saw a need for positive community involvement for people with IDD. Tonia realized that this was how she could make a long term positive impact in her world; she saw a need, here in Colorado Springs (and the surrounding areas) that she could meet. So in 1997, Tonia Dailey founded Community Link Inc.


Through Community Link, she could use her social capital to provide safe introductions of persons with IDD/MH to typical community members, offering the opportunity for active community involvement, the development of real community connections (in typical, not artificial environments), while facilitating acceptance, respect and recognition of the talents, skills and the contribution that persons with disabilities bring to the community. Since she believed that simply by existing, every person has the ability to impact their environment, she set out to help the people Community Link would serve to have a meaningful impact on their surroundings. Community Link would help people develop roots, connections/friendships, and show the community each person’s unique contribution and value.


Through Tonia’s leadership, Community Link was designed with a commitment to developing programs that bridge gaps in service for adults with IDD by equipping these citizens with Community Based Residential Support Services, Customized Independent Living skills and Personal Development training, along with Personal Empowerment and Self-Advocacy skills training. Community Link strives to promote community integration and an increased quality of life and happiness for all persons we serve.


Although Tonia Dailey, is no longer with us, her legacy lives on through the current agency leadership, residential and day program staff and host home providers, as they positively impact our community, one person at a time - providing quality care and a method of service delivery that fosters personal growth/self-development.

Our late Founder, Tonia Dailey, loved people and had this uncanny way of making everyone she met feel special, loved and cared for. She believed that every person has the ability to impact their environment, and thus the opportunity to impact the world in a small way. She wanted her impact to be positive, and she saw education as a means to allow her the greatest impact. She studied and received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and followed that up with a Master’s degree in Social Work. Her personal desire –impact her world by directly contributing to the growth and success of others.​