Our Mission

Community Link Inc. (CL) offers services and supports for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through various Medicaid Waiver and State funded programs.

We offer a number of program options, including Residential Services, Supported Living, Community Accessibility, Supported Community Connections, and Independent Living Skills training. Services/supports are customized to assist individuals in increasing their independence and improving their quality of life.

CL would love to help you reach your independence goals. Take a look at the programs and services offered below. If they are of interest, give us a call at (719)622-1556, and let’s see if we can work together to meet your service/support and independent skills training needs.

Elderly Blind Disabled Medicaid Waiver (EBD)

Residential Services

Supported Living Services (SLS)-State and Medicaid Waivers

Host Home and Apartment Living- Our trained staff develop customized services that foster meaningful relationships and increase independence. We create settings which ensure the resident’s physical, emotional and social needs are being met while independent living skills are being developed. Our Residential services may include:

  • Access to 24 hour supervision

  • Medication and Health Management Assistance

  • Behavioral Supports

  • Money Management

  • Social and Safety Skills Training

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • Personal Goal development and support training

  • Respite (for the primary caregiver- defined under SLS)

  • Respite- Respite is a short term service designed to give a primary caregiver “a break” by arranging for care and supervision from an approved Respite provider.

  • Supported Community Connections (SCC) - Community based Adult Day Program services (rather than site based services), providing community based activities. These activities focus on:

    •  community awareness

    • connections/natural supports,

    • recreational skills,

    • social and safety skills development

    • personal goal development and support training

    • Medication Administration and Health Management

  • Household Maintenance- Assistance and training in independent living skills necessary to maintain a healthy living environment like:

    • Routine light housecleaning, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathroom and kitchen areas, etc.

    • Meal preparation

    • Dishwashing

    • Bed making

    • Laundry

    • Grocery and personal Shopping

Transportation- Transportation to and from SCC

  • Specialized Adult Day Program Services - Community based Adult Day Program services, utilizing community facilities, rather than site based services. These community based activities include opportunities to develop:

    • Community awareness

    • Community connections/natural supports,

    • Recreational skills,

    • Social and Safety Skills

    • Personal Goals and Training to reach these goals

  • Transportation- Courtesy transportation to and from Specialized Adult Day Program Services

  • Medication Administration and Nursing support- Health Management support as defined in individual’s Care Plan